arrow-right.png Junior Stitchers aged 5 and upwards and family members who support them.

arrow-right.png Textile Students from 12 to 24.

arrow-right.png Teachers and tutors in schools, colleges and universities.

Junior stitchers and textile students will find loads of information, inspiration, ideas, and space to display their work. Textile students are welcome to contact recent graduates who are ready and willing to answer questions. Start by following Erin Young on her blog. Erin is a 3rd year student at uni.

Latest News for Young Embroiderers

A Series of Special Projects for our Members - and a chance to win a free book!

By kind permission of Search Press, we have been allowed to share some special projects with our members. Search Press publish all those exciting books on stitch, patchwork and all sorts of creative crafts.

They have allowed Chief Stitch to dip into their books and choose a project for you to make each month. You will have to be quick as the project will only be on the website for one month and then it will be replaced by another project. This will happen each month and the first person to put a picture of their project on the website will receive a FREE copy of the book that contains that project. Our fourth project is now here for you to try. Click here to get details of the instructions and pattern for a super phone charm.

What's on the Bookshelf?

In addition to our new Special Projects series, we also have a new page on the website under the News tab called "What's on the Bookshelf?" This is where you will see information and reviews by Chief Stitch of some of the latest stitching, embroidery and craft related books. You will see illustrations from inside the books too - which are very enticing. Click here to read the first set of reviews.

As part of our 40th Anniversary celebrations, Young Embroiderers have teamed up with Young Quilters! If you are a member of Young Embroiderers you now get free membership of Young Quilters for a year from 1 May 2014 to 30 April 2015. Members will receive the Young Quilters Newsletter and a Christmas project. They can also attend any Young Quilters workshops in their area (local charges may apply). Join here to receive your first YQ newsletter and membership letter, which will give you more details and workshop listings.

needlesforweboffer.jpg and not only that but we have a free gift for you if you are a new or current member.....

Members can claim a FREE gift from those lovely people at John James Needles and they are also offering 20% off their prices for Young Embroiderers if you buy from them online. Join Young Embroiderers now, claim your free gift and get the special code for the online discount. Join here

The 2015 De Denne Competition - the theme for 2014/2015 is "All that Glistens"

allthatglistensdeden.jpg Each year Young Embroiderers and Textile Students enter our De Denne competition (named after the founder of the Young Embroiderers’ section of the Embroiderers’ Guild). We encourage entries from all our members and the competition is judged on interpretation, skills and originality. The theme for 2015 is "All That Glistens" and you must be a member of Young Embroiderers to enter. Please log in with your membership number to see more details and to download an entry form for this year's competition. You will find the information under the "Young Ideas" tab, "de Denne 14/15". You can view the winners of the 2013/2014 competition here.

dmc DMC Creative World....

DMC supports Young Embroiderers and the Embroiderers' Guild. With all the colours of the rainbow and much more, DMC offers a wide range of hand embroidery threads for all creative projects. Click here for more details or visit dmccreative

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