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arrow-right.png Junior Stitchers aged 5 and upwards and family members who support them.

arrow-right.png Textile Students from 12 to 24.

arrow-right.png Teachers and tutors in schools, colleges and universities.

Junior stitchers and textile students will find loads of information, inspiration, ideas, and space to display their work.

If you have just found this site you can see some of the information we provide for young embroiderers, a few projects that you can try, diagrams for stitches and tools you may find helpful to get started if you are interested. You can also join Young Embroiderers but you will need to enlist the help of an adult get you signed up and make payment for membership. It costs £10 for a year's membership.

Latest News for Young Embroiderers!

De Denne Competition 2016/2017

the theme this year is "Imprisoned Splendour

Diamonds Amber Chick Hatching
Crown Jewels Caged Gorilla Volcano

Each year Young Embroiderers and Textile Students enter our de Denne competition (named after the founder of the Young Embroiderers' section of the Embroiderers' Guild). We encourage entries from all our members - both Young Embroiderers and Young Quilters alike, and the competition is judged on interpretation, skills and originality.

The title for this year's de Denne Competition is "Imprisoned Splendour". The inspirational photos above may give you some idea of what "Imprisoned Splendour" might mean. You could research where splendid things come from originally - like a butterfly in a chrysalisor how they evolve like the exploding volcano. Do you know of something amazing that is hidden inside something quite ordinary?

Full instructions and more information are available to our young embroiderers on the de Denne webpage - please log in with your membership number and password. Once you have logged in click on "Young Ideas" and then "De Denne 16/17". Or you can click on this link De Denne Competition 2016/2017 You will find more information there, along with a printable version of the instructions and entry form. Closing Date for entries is Monday 27th February 2017. Please note: all entries will be acknowledged however any entries received between 5th - 27th February will not be acknowledged until the end of February.

News for Group Leaders - a new Young Embroiderers' Folio has been created

YE folio Blanket StitchThe Guild is delighted to announce the creation of an inspiring new folio for Young Embroiderers (Junior Embroiderers and Textile Students). It is the first folio specifically created with young embroiderers in mind and has been compiled by Muriel Campbell, former Chairman of Young Embroiderers. This has been possible due to money very kindly donated by the North Herts and Beds branch of the Embroiderers' Guild for the materials required.

A folio is a pack which contains examples on boards of various types of stitch and techniques. The YE folio consists of 29 colourful boards which show a variety of stitches and techniques appropriate for our younger members. If Group Leaders would like to book this folio for a group meeting, please contact the Folios team however please note that bookings cannot be taken until 1st October 2016.

Young Embroiderers join in with the Capability Brown Festival 2016

300 years of Capability Brown 2016 is the 300th Anniversary of the birth of Lancelot "Capability" Brown. He was a landscape designer who created a style which has shaped the people's picture of typical English countryside. He worked on the parklands of some of the great houses of England in the 18th century creating natural scenes with water, planting, and trees. Everything was designed to look elegant.

Capability Brown by Richard CoswayAs the first ever celebration of Capability Brown, the Festival brings together a huge range of events involving Young Embroiderers and the Embroiderers' Guild. There will be a series of unique textile exhibitions at venues across the country throughout 2016. All Young Embroiderers are encouraged to take part and go and visit the venues. Several of our groups already have their work on display alongside the Embroiderers' Guild adult members. You can see some of their work here. It may well inspire you to do some stitching of your own!

Did you know we are on Pinterest? See our Pinterest pages - you will find images of the work of young embroiderers who have entered our competitions and who have made pieces for the Capability Brown Festival. Click on the Pinterest logo to take you straight there. Pinterest

Hercules the SheepMeet Hercules the Sheep - just one of the activities that will be available this year at Capability Brown venues. See the Capability Brown page for more information.

Young Quilters' Newsletter

The latest Young Quilters' Newsletter Autumn 2015 is available to view on this website if you are a member. Click here to take you to the page. We hope to receive the Spring Newsletter shortly.

If you click on this link you can go to the Young Quilters' website as well

Join Young Embroiderers!

Airedale made fabric cupcakesIf you join Young Embroiderers you may be able to join one of our groups, if there is one close to where you live. Our groups are run by adult members of the Embroiderers' Guild and they are keen to pass on their knowledge and skills to young people. They organise projects, show members how to stitch and provide lots of inspiration. You can find a group by clicking on the button "Join Here" and "Find a Group". If you would like to see what happens at a Young Embroiderers' group, take a look at our webpage for Airedale - they have lots of fun!! Click here

When you are a member of Young Embroiderers you automatically become a member of Young Quilters and can go along to any of their workshops or events. You will also receive a copy of the Young Quilters' Newsletter which comes out twice a year.

Once you have joined you will also be able to see much more information on this website - we have many more projects for you to try, news on what is happening around the UK at our groups plus event listings to shows and exhibitions which are textile related that you might like to visit. We also try to list workshops run by other organisations, especially during half term and school holidays that you might like to try.

Join here

dmc DMC Creative World....

DMC supports Young Embroiderers and the Embroiderers' Guild. With all the colours of the rainbow and much more, DMC offers a wide range of hand embroidery threads for all creative projects. Click here for more details or visit dmccreative. Their website is packed with ideas for projects and inspiration.

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